At YWALC, we promote a variety of programs, services and activities for our members. Currently, our programs are being delivered in the following manner:

Hybrid: program is available in person and by Zoom, your choice (switching not an option)

In-person: program is available in person only at YWALC

Instructor led virtual hybrid: members can access the program in-person at YWALC or virtually by Zoom. The instructor is virtual by Zoom.

Virtual: program is available only by Zoom video & by phone: used with one of the above descriptions, members who do not have digital access can call in using a touch tone phone with the Zoom ID # and password. The program instructor has tailored the class so that people using phone access can follow along easily.

At York West Active Living, we promote all sorts of activities for our members.

Physical Activities

Social Activities

Other Programs, Activities & Services