Q:  What happens if my class is cancelled?
A:  If cancellation of a scheduled class takes place, a make-up class will be added to the session to ensure a member receives full value for their registration fee, if possible. 

Q:  I am not able to come any more, can I have a refund for my membership and program fees?
A:  Members may withdraw from YWALC at any time without notice. A membership may not be transferred, and the membership fee is not refundable. 

Q:  Am I able to try out the class first?
A:  YWALC offers a try before you buy week at the beginning of the Winter, Spring and Fall session.  This is your opportunity to try out as many classes as you can fit into your schedule. If you are joining us mid-session, you can speak with our Manager to make special arrangements 

Q:  Will you continue with zoom classes?
A:  YES!  Zoom is here to stay at YWALC.  Zoom will be used as a way to reach our members who otherwise would have an 8 hour commute or don’t want to battle the Toronto traffic.  Zoom classes will include an on line only option as well as a hybrid model. 

Q:  What type of payment do you take?
A:  YWALC accepts all major credit card payments as well as cash and cheques. 

Q:  What are your hours?
A:  YWALC is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm.  Closed on all statutory holidays. 

Q:  What languages do you offer programming in?
A:  YWALC offers programs in English, Italian and Spanish 

Q:  Can I bring my friend?
A:  Yes. Please call ahead so we know they are coming.  A non-member waiver form must be completed, and your friend is able to try a program once. ( All guests are required to adhere to YWALC’s COVID protocol and the Code of Conduct) 

Q:  Is YWALC a charity?
A:  Yes.  YWALC is a not for profit charitable organization.  Our charitable registration number is 119306777RR0001 

Q:  Why are there user fees?
A:  YWALC receives approximately 55% of their budget through government grants.  The rest of the budget is raised through user fees, special grants, fundraising campaigns, and personal donations.

Q:  How can I keep up to date with YWALC?
A:  YWALC has a weekly e-blast that comes right to your in box, all you have to do is ask us to put you on our list.  You can follow us on Facebook