Bid Euchre
In Bid Euchre the trump suit is chosen by whichever player is prepared to contract to win the largest number of tricks, a popular variation of the regular euchre. No partner necessary. Experienced Euchre players welcome.

Bridge – Beginners
Learn how to play bridge in a relaxed atmosphere. Many variations of bridge are played today but this gathering is a great starting point for beginners. No partner’s necessary.

Bridge – Social
Social bridge is suitable for the experienced bridge player. This card group is open to anyone who would like to come out and enjoy an afternoon of cards. No partner necessary

Centro Esperanza (HOPE Centre)
HOPE is a lively in-person or virtual space for Spanish-speaking older adults (55+), where there is the opportunity to learn and improve English and conversation skills. HOPE promotes, individual development and social integration, through educational activities.
El Centro Esperanza es un espacio virtual o en persona para adultos mayores de 55 años, de habla hispana. Aquí miembros tienen la oportunidad de aprender y perfeccionar su conocimiento del Inglés.

Colouring (2 days a week)
Join us on Mondays and Thursdays to lose yourself in quiet and colour. Please bring your own pencil crayons, crayons, markers, colouring books and enjoy! (some accommodation can be made if you do not have your own colour pencils and books)

Craft Club Social
Grab your favourite project and enjoy the afternoon with friends.

Come and enjoy an afternoon of this timeless game.  No partner necessary.

Easy Spanish Class
This fun and easy Spanish class provides an opportunity for you to learn basic grammar and vocabulary to use while vacationing and making new friends. This instructional program is run by an experienced volunteer.

French Class (all levels)
This fun and easy French class provides an opportunity for you to learn basic grammar and vocabulary to use while vacationing and making new friends. We start the class with beginners and encourage them to stay when we move on to the more advanced half of the class.

Italian Conversation Group
Meet new people in a relaxed setting while having a conversation in Italian. All levels of fluency welcome.

Low Vision Craft Group
This group of members enjoys knitting and crochet in a supportive circle of friendship.  Meets weekly.

Low Vision Support Group
This group supports and encourages members who are visually impaired. Discussions relate to vision loss, new products from the CNIB and sometimes just talks about life! This is an informal support group.  Meets monthly.

Outdoor Walking/Pole Walking (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Join us for an activity that we can enjoy together outside in the fresh air, while staying physically distant of course.

Social & Fitness (in Italian)
Come on in and spend some time with Italian speaking friends, pole-walk in the halls or outside, chit chat, play cards or brain games.

Weekly Meal Pick Up (Thursdays)
Second Harvest provides YWALC with pre cooked nutritious free meals each week. On Thursday pick up a container from the front desk. Take the meal home and reheat. No fees.

Note: There is a cost of $2.00 per week for each social program. This is payable on entrance to the centre at the reception desk or in full in advance.

*Programs to change without notice.  Please refer to our current schedule for the most up to date program schedule*

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